100% Organic, Grade A, Shea Butter

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What makes our shea special

Our nuts ‘n’ oils Organic Shea Butter is a 100% purely natural, superior moisturizer containing remarkable healing properties for many different skin conditions. We employ a proprietary cold-press process, fined-tuned for over a decade, and we refuse to use any sort of solvent or chemical often found in shea butter originating elsewhere.

Our Northern Ugandan nilotica variety is considered creamier with more beneficiary properties than any other shea butter variety. It melts and spreads nicely on skin and can be used by the whole family, including the littlest ones. It is ideally used after a shower and before bed, letting it do its magic overnight. By applying nuts ‘n’ oils Organic Shea Butter you will wake up more beautiful everyday!

Not yet convinced? Find out about 15 ways of using nuts ‘n’ oils Organic Shea Butter


Beauty Tips

Take care of your skin and hair,
be beautiful inside and out

Our Story

We source our shea from small landowners in Northern Uganda.

Ingredients & Properties

Vitellaria nilotica
High in vitamins A, E, F, K

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